The publisher stands between the artist and his audience

We do it by producing music: in exchange for a participation in the distribution of the editorial quotas, you can create your original product while saving on the production costs of the master.  We have a well-equipped recording studio where dozens of musical projects are available  have been recorded, edited, mixed or just mastered.


Submit yours to our attention.

you write  to

Describe your project, send us links  to let us hear or see what you do.

If your musical world meets ours, we could participate in the production costs of your project by becoming its publishers.

We help young composers to realize their new projects


Making music is serious business

You too, like us, do not believe in "lightning" projects or even in "disposable" music, even if  it happens that artists are sometimes victims of ruthless and too fast mechanisms.

Developing a musical project takes work,  time and conviction and for this reason it is important to spend your resources well.

If you have qualities and your project has solid foundations, none  will be able to  turn off your  enthusiasm or annihilate your ideas.

We love to make music this way. Trust us.


Write to me at this  address:  stefano@tranquilo.itAnd  tell me the characteristics of the project you want to carry out, how many songs you want to work on, what is the staff of the group  and the  budget you have to invest.  I will help you find  the  production plan that I think is most suitable for you.