Recording studio in Milan since 1997

Each artist is one of a kind and it must be recognizable

Seize his own sound character:

this is our target


Publish music on online streaming platforms today is the occasion for everyone to refresh, clean up and "update" the archive recordings and those included in older CDs.


Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, iDagio, Qobuz, Tidal and others allow you to publish audio masters with higher standards than the CD. To do this, the technical aspects of the original masters can be adapted and treated with new technologies.

This is why many albums are re-released with the “ remastered ” label.

We work on the sound to take full advantage of the new technologies available while preserving the original character, rediscovering details and nuances. We have also developed a procedure for creating specific versions of the masters for the best vinyl transfer.

For a correct calculation of the estimate it is necessary to send all the useful information to understand the type of work to be performed. For this reason the best choice is to contact us to arrange the sending of the material for an evaluation.

We accept files or audio and video supports in any format; obviously it is important to receive the best possible support. The rule is to provide us with the latest available master before duplication.

In the case of remastering it is common to start with a commercial CD.



Music review and editing

Mix in HD up to 192KHz

HD Mastering  and Remastering

  • Production audio and audio for video

  • Registration of large staff on-site

  • Recording in the Milan studio for soloists ed musical ensemble up to 12 performers

Calculation of the best  cost estimate based on requests and data provided

Study of the best  offer  based on the available spending budget



Shooting and post-production techniques determine the calculation of the cost estimate. The elements considered are:

  • ANALYSIS OF THE SCORE and the musical program

  • PRODUCTION STYLE (single concert, concert plus rehearsals, dedicated recording sessions)


Often audio recordings accompanying video footage.

Miniaturized radio microphones associated with the overall picture guarantee cleanliness of the image and sufficient operating margin in post-production.


For the production of CD masters (or digital distribution) for choral ensembles we offer an efficient working method whose advantages can be summarized as follows:

  • FLEXIBILITY  logistics that allows the choir to choose a place for recording (to evaluate the acoustic response of the environment and the existing background noise) 

  • SPEED of technical set-up which translates into more time and greater concentration to devote to recording

  • REDUCED STUDY COSTS for the revisions of audio montages thanks to a workflow developed over several years and dozens of productions already made

  • VIDEO DOCUMENTATION  if required, registration sessions in order to collect material useful for the promotion


The ideal choice for pop, jazz and folk artists and groups is studio recording which can take place both live and overdub or as a subsequent step to the pre-production process carried out at other studios.


Service for those who already have audio recording. Our team has a solid musical background to competently deal with audio revisions, corrections, restoration and cleaning. Partial editing with remote listening by sending files or live audio streaming from the studio even in multichannel mode, without compression.


Service for those who already have audio recording

Multitrack music mixes also for video / cinema productions