We believe in music

which is mother of the word

who can say anything

and that thanks to the sound

it can create silence

and among the silences

can organize noises

which are music.

But music is not noise

because it is sovereign

between audible and inaudible sounds

She is sovereign over the fort

and on the plane

It is sovereign over the acute

and on the grave

Who lives with music

he knows and respects it

Music is nature

Music is environment

and he loves her

and who respects music

it does so unconditionally

We believe  that do not exist  boundaries between genders

because the genders are the children

of the same mother music

and all kinds

shares its DNA

because music was born first of all genres

because it is true

and it is within us
that we are true

has a  form  like us

has a soul like us

We believe that real music does not come from  hate

and we believe that where

there is real music there  be  the life

Every  era had  your own  music

and the music tells

of every era

through its musicians

his  interpreters,

its composers

Music is in the  history

of every people

and who makes music

can write history

The history of a people

people do it

we do it.

The music in which

we recognize each other

it is already our history

We believe that  improve

it will be our music

the better it will be

our history