We have a very ambitious project


It's about art  and it's about people.

It concerns the importance of the cultural sphere of music, theater, dance  coat  in the social development of a nation and touches the "perception" factor. That is how people today perceive, accept or, more simply, consider the artistic activity and the trades and professions related to the performing arts.

We are working daily on this project which, we hope, will take shape shortly ...

The collaboration between our company and  the Accademia del Teatro alla Scala in Milan began in 2005 and has continued continuously since then.

We organize together  a very special audio technology course.

The whole program, lasting only one year, is developed  addressing the classic themes of a course of this type, but touches the topics with particular attention to the musical aspect.

There are no more important rules in sound than related ones  to musicality, to our ear and to our perception.

Continuous study, technical preparation e  competence in the musical field, are key points around which training must absolutely pass.

We try to transfer the know-how that no book can give, beyond notions, formulas and clichés